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Abandon “Vigilance” on Sale

For a limited time, Abandon “Vigilance” CD is on a 50% sale. Available to buy here:

New single “Pathway” by Gift of Blindness released today

The third single “Pathway” from forthcoming Gift of Blindness album is out today. It’s a purge of emotions related to the current time and metaphorical journey into the unknown.

The music video was shot mostly at Wittenham Clumps near Didcot.

Bandcamp link:

New single “Germs” by Gift of Blindness released today

The latest single “Germs” by Gift of Blindness is released today. Taken from the forthcoming 3rd album, the 8 minute track is accompanied by a music video which can be viewed here:

Download the single for free from Bandcamp here:

Abandon “Vigilance” released today

The 2nd album by Abandon is released today. “Vigilance” features 9 new songs, including the single “Fear of the Future”.

“Vigilance” is available now on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc). Also available on digital and CD on Bandcamp, in 6 panel cardboard sleeve with artwork by Umair Chaudhry.

Some words from a recent review of the album:

“At sixty-seven minutes, Vigilance is not a short album, and yet you don’t have to be afraid of Abandon running out of ideas, as the second half is in my opinion even more striking that the first one. The seven-minute-long Our Roots Know is my favourite track. The broad synth part that is running through the song should warm your heart, and the melodic structure feels like from a different dimension.”

“If you need reference points, think of Justin Broadrick’s Jesu teaming up with Slowdive, offering over an hour of well-crafted shoegaze with some hints of sad core and post metal.”

– from

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Pre-orders for Abandon “Vigilance” album available now

Post-rock / slowcore / shoegaze band Abandon is releasing it’s second album on the 9th of December 2019.

The album features 9 new songs, including the recently released single “Fear of the Future”.

“Vigilance” follows in the tradition of it’s 2014 single release “Nails”, with more organic and progressive song structures, incorporating dynamic shifts and contemplative lyrics.

Abandon was started in 2005 by Umair (Xmas Lights, Gift of Blindness, Futureproof). Described as dense layers of guitars sprawl and sparkle like dying stars over a bare and shifting landscape of slowcore, post-rock and shoegaze, worded by the highly personal lyrics of Umair.

For fans of Red House Painters, Swans, Cocteau Twins, Jesu, Slowdive and Red Sparowes

It will be available on CD and Digital from Blindsight Records’ Bandcamp page, or from all major digital distributors.

Pre-orders are available now at



New Single Release – “Fear of The Future” by Abandon

Blindsight releases a new single today by Abandon

Taken from the forthcoming 2nd album “Vigilance”, this single also features a remix by Oxford electronic artist Tiger Mendoza

“Fear of The Future” is a further evolution of the Abandon sound, shoegazey post-rock marked by multi-layered shimmering guitars and meditative/melancholic vocals

Available as a donations only download / streaming here:

Also available from all major digital platforms, iTunes / Spotify etc

New Single Release – “Hide” by Gift of Blindness

A new release is out today by Gift of Blindness.

The 14 minute single track “Hide” is taken from the upcoming 3rd Gift of Blindness album out later this year.

A slight change in direction for Gift of Blindness, the song favors a more organic and multi layered approach to the sound, sprawling ambient soundscapes and meditative droning guitars.

Available for streaming / download here:

New Release – “Senseless Everything” by Futureproof

Futureproof is a new collaboration between myself (Umair Chaudhry) and Stephen Frame (ex Girl Power / Drore / Bersicker / Faith In Hate), drawn together by our mutual love of crust punk, hardcore, black metal and doom

“Senseless Everything” features 4 tracks written and recorded over 2 years worth of experiments and jams

You can listen to and purchase the EP here:

senseless everything

“EP opener and title track ‘Senseless Everything’ sets a suitably apocalyptic scene: raw, ragged and feral punk/metal screal and scuzz. ‘Light Bearing Gun’ is vintage velocity anarcho-punk while the EP’s highlight (or darkest corner, depending which way you look at things), ‘Blight’, sounds like Killing Joke’s ‘Requiem’ taken behind the bins for a kicking by GBH and Godflesh, riffs left like twisted strands and shards of metal amid decaying debris. Eleven-minute epic ‘Demons to Sum’ is a lurching, slow-motion chug and grind of downtuned riffage and brutish deathcore snarl that sounds like the soundtrack to postapocalyptic wreckage and possibly guttural arguments over who gets to eat the last rat on the fire.” – Nightshift Magazine

Gift Of Blindness “Wasteland” Released

2nd album by Gift Of Blindness “Wasteland” is released. 9 tracks of heavy industrial doom at around 75 minutes, available below on CD/Digital or from iTunes and other outlets


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